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Xorix is Premium Offshore Outsourcing

Based in the Philippines and led by an experienced western management team, Xorix delivers multi-channel business process outsourcing solutions to its valued partners who demand premium level results.

Xorix Outsourcing


Experience the power of cost-effective outsourcing solutions, whilst simultaneously increasing productivity, service levels and profits.


Xorix Outsourcing Benefits


Backed by our onsite Western Management Team, we get you where you want to be. Faster.


Xorix Global Outsourcing


Xorix empowers all outsourcing requirements from big to small, from long term to short term. We put you in control.


Whether you are looking to increase process efficiencies, reduce domestic labour costs, start a new project, or trade in a scalable human resource environment – we’ve got the people, technology and processes to deliver.

Wind-up Production

Wind-down Costs. Wind-up Production

Wind-up Production

The true costs of employment

Many people overlook the hidden costs associated with employing domestic-level staff. Additional to base salaries, other mandatory staffing expenditure typically includes Superannuation (Pension or 401K), Annual Leave, Sick Leave, Public Holidays, Workers Compensation Insurance, Payroll Tax and Recruitment Costs. Collectively, the annualised cost of an employee could reach as much as 1.4 times the amount of the base wage.

The heavy, ongoing, government imposed burdens that are placed on businesses are stripping not only the profits across western countries, but also severely impacting the investment into innovation which is required to fuel future business growth.

The true costs of opportunities lost

In order for businesses to remain viable in an ever-changing marketplace, innovation is required to be able to change, adapt, learn and re-learn existing practices. Many businesses have indeed failed due to not placing enough value on the requirements to produce new products, new technologies and new services to positively engage their customer base and retain their custom.

Without the financial resources available to commit to innovation, businesses are robbed of the opportunity to create new revenue streams and increase profit margins. They also run the risk of losing existing clients by operating a stagnant business within a continuously changing environment.

trusted outsourcing partner

Xorix is a trusted outsourcing partner for many successful SME businesses. In fact, some of our clients have wound-down their domestic teams by migrating entire back-of-house processes to Xorix. That’s trust.

Effective outsourcing gives life

Put simply, Xorix breathes life into businesses by giving them the power to innovate. Via the significant reduction of operating costs, new financial resources become available to invest into new services, new technologies, better products, better services and better customer experiences which collectively underpins new business growth and prosperity.
As you can see, effective outsourcing with Xorix is a lot more than just saving money. It’s about developing a safe and sustainable future for your business.

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Xorix Operations
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Why choose Xorix?

People | Process | Power

We understand that behind great people, there must be a great process. Talent and passion alone is not enough to get the job done well. That’s why everything we produce is measured, recorded and reported to our clients weekly.

Xorix is all about numbers. We save the chit-chat and measure the performance instead. Once the client on-boarding process is completed, we document all the various measurables (KPIs) and present them to our client, once approved, it is then handed to your talented Xorix staff member to follow.

It is important to us that your business thrives.
Our management team is determined to make your team at Xorix as efficient, reliable and impactful it can be. We don’t want you to simply ‘outsource’, we want you to see us as the competitive advantage in your marketplace... and grow your business.

This is the difference.

Discover our DNA

Why Xorix

Backed by western standards, Xorix is committed to meeting and exceeding the expectations of our clients. We understand for many businesses, we are your gateway to financial freedom and future growth – we don’t just embrace, but honor the responsibility to take part in your journey.

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