Initially we were concerned that working with an offshore team would impact the quality of our work and that there could be a breakdown in communication without having the team members in the office. Working with Xorix however, has been a fantastic experience. Not only is the quality of work excellent but the team members we speak with and get to see over video conference are friendly, knowledgeable and incredibly responsive. View More
The project management board and catch ups over our video conferencing software remove any miscommunication and confusion we may have had. I would highly recommend Xorix to anyone who is looking to build their global team. View Less

Brad Miller


I have been very happy with their service and have found the company easy to deal with at all times.

Ben Jobberns


Xorix has been of incredible assistance to us. I work for a school that sells products online and teaches in person courses. To date, they have worked with us to lighten our video production load and we have begun the process of working through our web development needs. Their initial contact gave me immediate confidence. View More
Their thorough breakdowns of the tasks needed to accomplish what we asked for communicated exactly what we needed to know in order to move forwards. Once we established what was needed for video editing, we had a large workload lifted and we've had more time to focus on other subjects. The reliability and quality of the work is exactly what we asked for and it is an immense comfort to know a part of our marketing process is systematized and no longer something to worry about. As we've gone through the necessary back and forth of establishing our web development needs, Xorix has been patient and accommodating at every turn. We are currently in the process of putting together a much larger workload we will hire them for and have complete confidence in their abilities to deliver. View Less

Josh Terry

Marketing Manager

Xorix is an amazing company. Instantly, with their boarding process they take it to the next level. They take the time to understand your business systems, they help with tidying up your processes and the outsourcing staff becomes apart of the business, not a “robot” making a mess of every task. View More
We’ve worked with multiple other “outsourcing companies” and Xorix is nothing like them. Other companies lack the care needed to effectively outsource and perform at a high level. These guys go above and beyond and make the outsourcing process a breeze! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! View Less

Jye Menzies


Very easy to work with, great customer service and outstanding work.

Darhsan Parmar

Marketing Director

Great working with Xorix and our web development. The team are very responsive and have been a pleasure to work with.

Joachim Howard


I would highly recommend working with Xorix. The team are always friendly and very responsive. Working with them is easy and a pleasure. Thank you for all your help so far.

Kate Spencer

Marketing Manager

Our team engaged a virtual assistance to assist with our database re-creation, to the ensure that our past contacts, past appraisals and current points of contact were all up to date and clean, for our future prospecting. This was a large task and once we agreed on the requirements for the works to be completed, the Xorix team were great in completing all tasks need to clean our data and re-setup our database clients. We've had a great result here! Thank you.

Brett Humby

Sales Consultant

We have been happy with the level of service we have received from Xorix, they are always accessible and easy to deal with.

Stephen Giacomelli


Quick service & accurate advice - thanks Xorix, you've made our website look fabulous again!

Lauren Walker

Marketing Manager