Xorix delivers a sophisticated range of solutions which are all designed to empower companies to focus on improving Operational Efficiencies, Reduce Costs, or activate new Business Development initiatives. Whatever the targets, we have the people and processes to deliver quickly and efficiently.


We have the experience.

Process driven recruitment allows Xorix to trigger recruitment initiatives almost instantaneously. Our screening processes ensure we only provide our clients with candidates that align with the brief.


Accelerated Go-Live.

With a large pool of skilled resources at hand, as well as proven training systems to accelerate learning, Xorix is able to deploy trained staff within as little as 7 working days. For emergencies, we also have floating staff able to Go-Live almost immediately.

Western Leadership

Internationally recognised standards.

Headed up by a pool of experienced senior western managers specialising in human resources, large-scale production and the media, Xorix has the creative and academic anchors to deliver.

No lock-in contracts

Flexible terms keeps you in control.

We understand scaling up or down from time to time is vital for any company to maximise its profit margins. That’s why we give our clients the power to adjust their labour requirements on demand.

Xorix can help you reduce labour costs, increase productivity and allow your business to start thriving again.


The platforms to keep you connected.

With a full suite of communication software and our own proprietary portal, maintaining direct communication, visibility and transferring large files between your local team and Xorix has never been easier.


Just let us know what you need.

Your dedicated Account Manager is only ever a call away. We will spend the time to understand your requirements and put in place the necessary plans to drive the solution through to completion.


Contemporary, just the way it should be.

Working with Xorix feels like what it does back home. Our spaces are modern, clean, air conditioned and enjoyable to work in. There are breakaway areas to chill out and a boardroom for meetings.

Build Your Own Team

Tap into more skill sets.

We are able to provide a large number of skill sets depending on your needs. We have the capabilities to deliver trained staff across a range of professionals services and positon them together as a team.


Western standards.

All Xorix staff are inducted thoroughly using the Xorix Company Handbook. We work closely with our teams to ensure responsible and industry-leading professional behaviours are adopted. The lead team are renowned for leading by example.

Talented Staff

Only the best.

Our sophisticated human resource screening process allows Xorix to track in on existing and future talent. Our mantra is centred to employing on attitude first, and skill-set second. We believe without the right attitude, skill alone won’t work.


Learning for life.

Additional to ongoing processes driven training to perform their tasks, we also conduct career and life coaching. It is important to Xorix that it’s teams are inspired to do better, be better and look forward to enhancing their work and personal lives.


A solid backbone.

Built by our very own in-house IT team, we have layered redundancies in place for our infrastructure providing over 99.9% up-time for both power and internet.

Our Solution Models

We have 3 ways clients can engage Xorix to maximise outsourcing opportunities.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

This model is what we refer to as the “Recruitment and Desk Hire” model.

Suited to lower skill-set staffing requirements, our BPO services allow companies to quickly and easily outsource various ‘back office’ functions. Skilled staff are in abundance and require little or no training to get started. Low-levels of support and management is required by Xorix. The client manages their daily tasks.

Monthly costs to engage our BPO division are broken into 3 components:
  • Staff Salary
  • Workspace and Infrastructure
  • HR Management

Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO)

This model is what we refer to as the “Tailored Team” model.

For larger companies who require a minimum of 5 or more staff, Xorix can work with a client to build a team dedicated to a company’s very specific requirements. The skills-sets may not be readily available and need to be trained and developed over time. Higher-level management support by Xorix is required.

Monthly costs to engage our KPO division are broken into 4 components:
  • Staff Salary
  • Workspace and Infrastructure
  • HR Management
  • Project Management

Service Provider

This model is what we refer to as the “Pay-As-You-Go” model.

In some circumstances, Xorix will have the skill-sets and services you need available in-house, ready to go. In these cases, you may be able to secure the outsourcing services you require, without the need to engage any human resources. Instead, the client has the total flexibility to engage us for as little, or as much work as they like. They also have the option to engage and disengage any of our services at any time without notice.

Some of the services we have available are:
  • Managed Web Services
  • IT Support
  • Image Retouching
  • Floor Plan Drafting
  • Data Mining
  • Data Entry