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Printed or handwritten texts may be transcribed and formatted according to the requirements of the client. Text to text transcription may not be as common as audio-video transcription but is still a valuable service for various businesses, writers, doctors, researchers and other professionals who need to digitize physically written volumes of texts. Prescriptions, invoices, research notes, logs, forms, rare documents, journals, books, manuscripts and more – these are all candidates for text transcriptions.


  • Book / manuscript digitization
  • Research transcriptions
  • Prescription transcription and encoding
  • Forms transcription and encoding
  • Logs / Journals transcription and encoding
  • Document transcription and formatting

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We receive your source digital text files via email or your preferred cloud service. In the case of physical documents or manuscripts, these should be sent to us via courier.

Physical documents will be scanned and then transcribed as per your requirements. The transcriptions will then be formatted as per your specifications.

Your file’s transcription will be checked for accuracy by our editors before final submission to you using your preferred channel.

Prices starts at $0.75 USD per minute

As a part of the process, we will asess your material, we will contact you shortly after the asessment.

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