Xorix can provide essential back-office services designed to specifically assist Rental divisions of any agency.

Our real estate global assistants (GA for short) will help accelerate many existing functions within your operations, streamline processes, increase productivity, customer service experiences and engage in new business growth strategies. Most agencies engage us for business growth activities, rather than cost reduction.

For those looking to offset the rising costs of the monopolised property search engine industry, Xorix is a great place to significantly reduce labour costs and replenish profit margins.

Without doubt, early adopters who effectively outsource parts of their operations within the real estate industry ultimately secure a strong competitive advantage. The benefits are significant.

Why Xorix?

Xorix offers a strong recruitment process and a simple cost structure to deliver first class candidates to join your business. We take care of all the local human resource requirements, security, health checks, induction, initial training, ongoing management and provide a modern office environment to work in.

We are a multi-national company that has over 12 years of experience in the real estate industry. We know first-hand how fast the industry operates and the very high standards that are expected of its professionals in order to achieve success. We ensure all our real estate virtual assistants trade to the same standards.

Your dedicated real estate virtual assistant is supported by our in-house IT division who ensures network stability is reliable and our client’s data is safe and secure. Our IT infrastructure is always kept up to date and is guarded by heavy firewalls and back up processes.

Communicating with your VA is easy. Our clients simply choose what platform you prefer to use and your VA will use the same. Typically, email, skype, messenger or a content management systems you currently use can form the foundation of communications. Your VA can also receive and place calls, be available for video conference – basically anything that you require to operate your business as usual.

Your VA is dedicated to you – 100%. Although they are not physically placed in your office, they should be treated as if they are working right alongside your local team. They will follow your instructions, policies, procedures, attend team meeting via conference and work the same office hours as you do, including matching your public holidays.

Sales Support

Sales Process Support

  • Manage sales transaction workflow from end-to-end, following strict procedures such as responding to sales enquiries, set up initial meetings and issue agency contracts
  • Manage new listing checklists to get everything underway
  • Book real estate media, liaise with vendors and tenants to assure access to the property and upload the relevant media to various portals
  • Update all CMS platforms as required. New listings, changes to listings and more
  • Data entry of new listings, contacts and more

Communication Support

  • We will show you how to integrate phone support via an escalation process to better manage in and outbound calls
  • We will show you how to have your local team working seamlessly with your VA via cloud-based email platforms and a documented escalation process
  • Calendars support via setting up appointments with sellers, buyers, trades, brokers, legal and more


  • Research property details, comparable sales and more
  • Research community developments, changes, improvements and more
  • Assistance with preparing market appraisals
  • Manage client feedback forms and prepare weekly reports for agents

Marketing Support

  • Website maintenance as required, update agent profiles and more
  • Social Media content production to maintain activity rates
  • Competitor tracking and preparation of monthly activity reports
  • Track technology trends and prepare monthly activity reports


  • Manage any personal requirements, online shopping, deliveries
  • Assisting clients moving in and out of property such as preparation of quotes
  • Travel, accommodation, car hire, flights and restaurant bookings

Property Management Support

Property Management Process Support

  • Issue agency agreements
  • Arrange property media, liaise with media companies, clients
  • Setup new property listings on various platforms
  • Review applications and provide shortlist to the property manager
  • Prepare lease agreements
  • Request water efficiency reading from landlord
  • Organise tradesman to go out to a property for maintenance and testing
  • Advise strata on new tenant details
  • Schedule routine inspections
  • Schedule outgoing inspections
  • Arrange for pool maintenance if required

Communication Support

  • Respond to new landlord enquiries and setup a time for property managers to connect
  • Respond to emails on behalf of property managers via an escalation process
  • Confirm tenants on their successful application and arrange for bond payment
  • Advise landlords of expiring pool compliance certifications
  • Advise tenants lease expiry and assist with the vacating process
  • Handle enquiry for vacant properties & arrange inspections

Accounting Support

  • Setup bonds online
  • Release bond at the end of lease
  • Reminder emails and call to tenants if in arrears
  • Assist in arrears collection via a documented process
  • Pay and file utility bills
  • Conduct daily receipting & trust account reconciliation
  • Enter creditor invoices for payment

Maintenance Support

  • Respond to maintenance requests
  • Track progress of repairs
  • Pay trades people upon completion via local third party authorisation (client provides final approval prior to funds being transferred)

Marketing Support

  • Website maintenance as required, update agent profiles and more
  • Social Media content production to maintain activity rates
  • Competitor tracking and preparation of monthly activity reports
  • Track technology trends and prepare monthly activity reports


  • File applications, file signed lease agreements, bond certificates, inspections reports and all other relevant communication by property via the cloud
  • Support property manager in all general aspects as they see fit

28 Tasks Easily Outsourced

  • Rent receipting
  • Trust accounting
  • Daily bank reconciliations
  • Data management
  • Typing lease renewals
  • Daily arrears management
  • Creating new tenant/property/owner files
  • Archiving old tenant files
  • Enquiry management
  • Processing applications
  • Reference checks / TICA checks
  • Creating maintenance orders
  • Following up maintenance orders with tradespeople
  • Following up invoices with tradespeople
  • Chasing missing/overdue keys with tradespeople

  • Processing invoices / liaising with tradespeople & tenants
  • Finalising bonds
  • Advertising properties
  • Arranging routine inspections & sending entry notices
  • Arranging open for inspections & sending entry notices
  • Creating new tenant packs
  • Creating Comparative Market Analysis’ (CMA’s) for lease
  • renewals
  • Lead generation
  • Sending routine inspection reports
  • Creating procedure manuals
  • Typing processes/procedures
  • Generate reports for staff meetings and leaders
  • Record keeping

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